With such an extensive amount of applicable legislation including so many different aspects, expert guidance and advice from Civil and Family Law professionals is highly indispensable, particularly with regards to marriage dissolution, co habitation and other parental relationship issues.

Spainmed's professionals are able to manage and process satisfactory agreements for all parties involved in the event of divorce litigation or by mutual consent, including the consequences for any underage children, marriage partnerships regime modifications and settlement, pre nuptial agreements, dissolution of cohabitation disputes, etc.

A profound knowledge of civil legislation is particularly important when dealing with marriages held abroad. For that reason, being able to receive specialized advice such as that provided by the team at Spainmed is an essential requirement that must be met accordingly.

Another aspect that generates the most number of consultations is that relating to parental relationships, particularly in regards to wills, probate and inheritance. In these regards, our experts will undertake a thorough review of each case in order to find the most satisfactory way forward for all heirs, both in terms of property and taxation.

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